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Attacking Basketball Zone Defenses - HoopTactics

1-2-2 (3-2) Zone Reads & Counters. The three two or 1-2-2 zone is strong against outside shooters. However, it is weak in the middle and in the corners where their two baseline players have to guard corner to corner.

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Better Basketball | Zone Attack System

Zone Attack will show you how to create lay-up opportunities and set yourself up for plenty of wide-open inside-out shots! THE GO-TO-MOVE Once you learn how to create the lay-up situation, the next step will be how to get your players into the correct spots using the passing, posting, cutting, driving, and screening actions of the Read & React Offense.

Zone Press Offenses | Attacking Zone Pressure Defense | Hoops ...

Half Court Trap Attack Zone Offense. By Hoops U. This half court press attack zone offense works great against those half court zone traps you will see from time to time, especially the 1-3-1 half court trap. It is a simple offense to run with a few options for attacking the trapping defense.

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Attacking a 2-3 Zone - Teach Hoops

Coaching basketball at the youth level invariably involves dealing with zone defenses. The most common zone, 2-3, allows developing teams to hide certain players on the defensive end. It can also frustrate offenses to no end, especially if the offensive players tend to stick to their spots. So, as zones become more and more common even at the game’s highest levels, it’s integral that every coach knows exactly what they want to do when attacking a 2-3 zone.

Kevin Keatts NC State Wolfpack Zone Attack by Chris Filios ...

Zone Attack. When NC State took on Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt employed a couple of different kinds of zone. NC State ran a great out of timeout zone set, enabling the guard on top to attack down the middle of the zone and setting up an easy lob at the rim. Finding the right zone attack can be hard. For many, it is not seen all that often and not nearly as much time is dedicated in practice to attacking it.

How to Beat a 3-2 Zone in Basketball | Hoops Addict

Simple basketball plays against a 2-3 zone may also work against the 3-2 zone. For example, the offense needs to attack the gaps on a 2-3 or 3-2 zone. Penetrating the cracks (or gaps) would cause the defense to collapse, leading to kick-outs and open midrange or three-point shots.

Cutting Up a Zone Defense with the Milton Zone Attack

c). 4, having dribbled up to the right wing, reverses the ball back to 1 on the point. When the ball comes back to the 1, 5 moves back to the high post. 1 has 4 basic options when he catches the reversal pass: shoot; check the high post for a direct entry; attack the top of the zone going away from the pass and make two defenders play him; and/or reverse the ball to 3 on the left wing.

3 Simple Strategies to Attack a Zone Defense

Strategy #2 is excellent and sometimes just forcing a team to defend that short corner entry is enough to open up the middle of the lane and get them to over rotate and get easier looks, you gotta make 'em defend the "backside". #3 and number 2 really go together in that the way to attack a zone is to attack from the weak side and force the zone to stretch and rotate and then passing in the the 'little tears' in the zone.

Basketball Boston Zone Offense - HoopTactics

The basic player alignment of the Boston zone offense is comprised of a point guard or ballhandler O1, a baseline runner or corner O3, a low post O5, a shooting or swing guard O2 at the top of the circle and a weakside rebounder or power forward O4. The ballhandling guard O1 can initiate the offense with dribble penetration to either wing.