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Causes of string breakage: hard hitting, top spin, cracked grommets, cold weather and strings with a low durability rating. Chronic and frequent string breakers can experiment with Kevlar or Zyex main strings since the main strings usually break first. Blending these durable main strings with more resilient cross strings will improve playability.

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Super String Tour Players V3 17 (1.20) 51: Fast: Polyester: 197.7: 45.0: NA: One Strings Carbon Tour 17 (1.25) 51: Fast: Polyester: 229.2: 25.4: NA: Tourna Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour 16 (1.30) 51: Fast: Polyester: 238.3: 18.7: NA: Tecnifibre Ruff Code 17 (1.25) 51: Fast: Polyester: 207.5: 28.7: NA: Babolat Revenge 16: 51: Fast: Polyester: 276.0: 37.7: NA: Signum Pro Poly-Plasma Pure 17L (1.18) 51: Fast: Polyester: 196.0

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For example, you might string with a lower gauge (thicker) tennis string if you’re using synthetic or natural gut to help increase the durability or life of your strings. Whereas, if you’re using polyester strings , you may opt for a higher gauge (thinner) option to help maximize spin.

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The durability of a string depends on two essential characteristics: the composition and the gauge. - The composition: To each composition its properties! You can therefore increase or decrease the durability of your tennis string by first choosing its composition. - The gauge: The thicker the string is, the more durability you get. Conversely, if the string is thinner, it will tend to break quicker.

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Tennis strings are made in different thicknesses, called gauges. The thicker the gauge or diameter of the string, the more durability, and control, while the thinner the gauge, the more power and comfort.

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While durability isn’t always the most exciting feature of a tennis string, Babolat RPM Blast delivers in this category and is a string you can count on to stand up to a beating and last. Most players will find they’ll cut the strings out to replace them before they break.

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The multifilament tennis string is more like a synthetic gut, in terms of features. The major drawback of these types of strings is less durability. In this type of tennis string, hundreds of micro-filaments twist together to form a single string. As a result, a strong, stable, reliable, and powerful multifilament string is obtained.

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Most durable tennis strings When talking about string durability, your definition of the term might be different than your double partner’s. While some players are looking for great tension maintenance, or string playability duration, others will look for the one and only unbreakable string.

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Conclusion: Tennis String Tension Guide . Choosing the right racket is only part of the equation. How you string your racket has a huge say in how your racket plays, so it needs careful consideration. If you're looking to get the most out of your racket setup, then let thetennisbros.com do the hard work for you!