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Elbow 1. This refers to the intersection of the free throw line with the line on the side of the key. There are two elbows on... 2. This is also a term used to describe a specific personal foul during a basketball game. When a player swings their...

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Elbow: The "elbow," another basketball term, is the internsection of the free throw line and the side of the "key." The key is also known as the free throw lane, the 12 foot area into which the basketball player cannot go when taking a free throw shot.

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Elbow . The elbow is the area of the court where the free throw line meets the lane line. Like the "Block", the Elbows become important on dribble penetration. Any player - offense or defense - who gets to the elbow first will gain an advantage. Free Throw Line Extended

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Elbow: Illegal contact with the elbow by an opponent. End Lines: Otherwise known as "baselines"; the lines that run the width of the court behind the baskets. Fake: A deceptive move by the offense in order to offset the defense. Fast Break: A rush down court to beat the opponent to the basket. Field Goal: A basket made while the ball is in play.

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Pinch Post - Pinch post is an action that occurs when the basketball is passed to the weak side elbow while there are no other players on that side of the floor. Pivot - When a stationary player has possession of the basketball, they're allowed to move one foot around as long as their other foot stays in contact with the floor at all times.

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Basketball Terms E. Elbow – The area of the court located at each end of the free throw line where the free throw line intersects the lane line. There are two elbows at each end, one on the right and one on the left. Basketball Terms F

LeBron James, Isaiah Stewart Ejected for Elbow and Ensuing ...

The elbow came on a free throw by Jerami Grant early in the third quarter. During the battle for rebounding position, James threw an elbow at the face of Stewart.

NBA 2021: LeBron James elbow to Isaiah Stewart, LA Lakers ...

Lakers play-by-play commentator Bill Macdonald held a more neutral opinion, conceding LeBron’s elbow was what ignited the fight. “It was LeBron who started it all with the elbow, he was the ...