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How is Over the Bars (mountain bikes) abbreviated? OTB stands for Over the Bars (mountain bikes). OTB is defined as Over the Bars (mountain bikes) somewhat frequently.

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What does OTB abbreviation stand for? List of 155 best OTB meaning forms based on popularity. Most common OTB abbreviation full forms updated in November 2021

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OTB. Over the bars. When your body takes the unnatural and unnerving flight over the handle bars because you hit something big, slammed on your front brakes, or descended something to steep. "Once as a kid I stuck a bar in spokes while riding my bike, and learned physics quickly, as I immediately went OTB."

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OTB: When you hear a mountain biker saying they went OTB, they mean they went over the bar. They flipped over their bike’s handlebars. They flipped over their bike’s handlebars. If you’re not careful when going downhill through a rock garden, you’ll likely end up going OTB.

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Definition; OTB: On the Board: OTB: Off-Track Betting: OTB: Outside the Box (various companies) OTB: On the Bus (various companies) OTB: On the Bench: OTB: Off the Boat: OTB: On the Beach: OTB: Outside the Beltway: OTB: Option to Buy (real estate) OTB: Off to Bed: OTB: Obey the Brave (Canadian band) OTB: One Touch Backup: OTB: On the Bum: OTB: Object Time Base: OTB: Offer to Beat: OTB: Out-of-the-Box: OTB

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What is the definition of the term "OTB"? In sports betting, OTB is short for "off the board". When an event is said to be "off the board", that means that the sports book is not currently accepting bets on the event. In most cases, an event is "off the board" for one of two reasons: 1) The opening line hasn't been released as of yet.

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A section of trail covered by natural stone, bricks, or other hard material for the purpose of repairing erosion and/or preventing future erosion. Creek crossings are often one of the most common places to be armored. 2. Refers to protection that riders wear, such as knee pads, elbow pads, sternum pads, etc.

MTB Slang: 10 words you need to know on the trails

Definition: To deliberately leap off your bike, often at great risk, to avoid ending up in an even worse collision. Also, a term now commonly used to describe crashing in general.