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Is Hitting Around The Net Post Legal In Tennis? – Tennis Rules

In fact, the net is your first opponent in a tennis match. If you can’t hit the ball over the net, your opponent won’t have to do anything in order to beat you. However, there is no rule against hitting around the net post and that is what we will talk about today. In tennis, hitting around the net post is completely legal because the rulebook has no restrictions on the height of the ball, meaning that the ball does not have to travel above the height of the net in order to be considered ...

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Can you hit the ball around the net in tennis? Yes. This is a perfectly legal shot in tennis. ITF Rules Of Tennis Rule 25c. As long as the shot lands in the opposing court it’s fine. It looks incredible when a tennis player can pull this off as you have to be at such a wide angle for this to work.

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If a ball bounces in your court but spins or is blown back over the net to your opponent’s side, then you are allowed to reach over the net to hit the ball. However, you or anything you wear must not hit the net. If the ball passes around the net posts below the height of the net, but lands in bounds.

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First, can you reach over the net in tennis? Ordinarily, you are not allowed to reach over the net to hit the ball in tennis. Your racquet may cross over the net as long as you make contact with the ball on your side of the net, though. You or your racquet cannot touch the net at all or you lose the point.

Basic Tennis Rules

The ball is returned outside the net posts (either above, or below net level) and lands in the correct court. This rule applies even if the ball touches the net post, but lands in the correct court. The ball is returned under the net cord between the singles stick and adjacent net post and hits the ground inside the correct court.

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The around-the-net-post shot is allowed in tennis because tennis is a Net Sport: meaning it is a sport that uses a net to separate opponents. The most popular Net Sports are badminton, ping pong, volleyball, and pickleball. Each Net Sport allows the legal play of a ball (or shuttlecock) to pass around the net post as if the net is not there.

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1 According to page 11 of a recent copy of the official rules of tennis provided by the International Tennis Federation, a ball is a "good return" if (among other things): c. The ball is returned outside the net posts, either above or below the level of the top of the net, even though it touches the net posts, provided that it hits the ground in the correct court; except as provided in Rules 2 and 24 (d); or

Can You Hit the Ball Around the Net in Table Tennis?

2.7.1 The ball, having been served or returned, shall be struck so that it passes over or around the net assembly and touches the opponent's court, either directly or after touching the net assembly. 2.5.14 The ball shall be regarded as passing over or around the net assembly if it passes anywhere other than between the net and the net post or between the net and the playing surface.